Pastor Abram Freeman has been in the ministry for the last 30 years. He was born in Gulfport, Ms. and started the ministry working with disadvantaged children and has subsequently surrounded himself with like Christians.

Pastor Freeman is a dynamic speaker with a heart for those who are poor in spirit. He has created his ministry around the need for those children and families of incarcerated loved ones.

Yolande Freeman, our first lady has a heart for girls and women who need that special love and support. She is from Oakland, Ca but raised in the Lafayette area. She supports her husband and has taken the ministry to another level through constant prayer and study.



​Acts of Love name was given to our Pastor when he was in High School.

Realizing that his church was different than your traditional church he understood that his location and mission had to be focused on the simple mission god gave him..told him to Feed his children...


The Lord has a heart for for children of those in prison and jail. So the ministry stays in its lane and does its best to be true to its mission. The church is focused not on the growth of the local church but of the Kingdom of God..

104 BLUE BOY DR SCOTT, LA 70506.